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Ep. 5 – Rear Window

Rear Window

Justin and Laura journey back to 1954 for Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window on this week’s episode.

Rear Window centers around Jeff (Jimmy Stewart). After breaking his leg in an attempt to get the perfect photo, he’s confined to a wheelchair in his small NYC apartment. He bides the time by watching his courtyard neighbors through the window. Jeff’s girlfriend Lisa (Grace Kelly) and nurse Stella (Thelma Ritter) grow concerned as he becomes obsessed with the neighbors’ daily lives and unique habits. When Jeff witnesses what he thinks is a murder, he pulls Lisa and Stella into a a dangerous game as Jeff tries to catch a killer.

The conversation takes some unexpected turns as Laura raves about the styling for Grace Kelly and Justin gripes about distracting a killer without a plan. They debate the ethics of voyeurism, why everyone seems so concerned about Jeff’s sex life, and where the top edge of Jeff’s cast is. Justin and Laura also spend a lot of time analyzing the racist undertones of a 30-second phone call with a character never even seen on screen. Finally, they take the time to discuss Hitchock’s creepy reputation and how that factors into recent discussions about sexual harassment in Hollywood and other industries. It’s an episode you don’t want to miss!

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Join us next time for our first animated movie, Anastasia!

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