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Ep. 1 – Heathers


For our very first episode, Laura introduces Justin to her favorite 80’s movie, Heathers.

A dark comedy about high school power dynamics, Heathers (1988) is a revered cult classic. Veronica Sawyer (Winona Ryder) is a reluctant member of Westerburg High’s popular clique, the Heathers. Everything changes when she falls for rebel JD (Christian Slater) and a string of deaths shake up the Heathers’ carefully-crafted high school hierarchy. Full of witty dialogue, colorful clothes, and murder – what more could you want from a teen movie?

Join us as Laura and Justin dive deep into all aspects of the vicious classic. They debate whether or not Veronica is an anti-hero, how exactly JD found gay porn in a small conservative Ohio town, and whether or not the parents are underdeveloped or just terrible humans. Justin spends a long time trying to find the name of a funeral song, and Laura gives a brief review of the off-Broadway Heathers musical. Plus, they break down why everyone plays croquet and the symbolism of red scrunchies. It’s an interesting journey through one of the most controversial teen movies to exist!

Next Time

Check back in two weeks for our next episode. We’ll be talking about the Christian Bale and Disney gem, Newsies, so get ready!

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