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Ep. 2 – Newsies


In this episode, Justin and Laura jump into Disney’s Newsies!

Set in 1899, Newsies (1992) tells the story of young New York City newsies who make a living by selling papers on the city streets. Led by Jack Kelly (Christian Bale), the newsies unite and strike against unfair practices of the newspaper owned by Joseph Pulitzer. A rare Disney live-action musical, Newsies features catchy songs and the most heartwarming story about orphans since Annie.

This episode’s conversation takes some wild turns as Justin and Laura discuss what makes this film so unique. They cover everything from the surprising amount of violence to differences in the Broadway adaptation starring Supergirl‘s Jeremy Jordan. Justin gets weirded out by watching baby Batman singing and dancing while other children smoke cigars throughout the entire film. Laura is excited about the attention to detail in all the sets and costumes. The hosts even tackle the biggest question: why is Teddy Roosevelt always the hero, even in movies that aren’t about him? If you enjoy shockingly dark Disney musicals, or just like Bill Pullman, you don’t want to miss this episode.

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Brush up on your Spanish, because, next time, we’ll be watching Pan’s Labyrinth!

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