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Ep. 7 – Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow

It’s finally time for a Tom Cruise flick! This episode is all about the overlooked gem, Edge of Tomorrow (or Live. Die. Repeat. Because this crazy movie has two titles).

In the not-so-distant future, Earth is overwhelmed by alien attacks across the globe. Major Cage (Cruise) represents the newly-formed global military force to the public – but he’s never been in combat. When Cage is forced onto the frontlines of an alien battle in France, he dies within minutes, only to relive the day. After realizing he’s stuck in a time-loop, Cage seeks out Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt), an experienced and celebrated soldier. As Vrataski and Cage fight and die repeatedly, they get closer and closer to understanding the alien invasion – and how to stop it.

Despite Laura’s current track record with picking movies he’ll like, Justin is shockingly impressed with this one. Our hosts have a lively discussion about Tom Cruise’s long career, stunt work, and whether or not he is a legitimate crazy person. The conversation gets a little off the rails when Justin and Laura start talking about Arrow and the CW-verse. Back on subject, Justin praises the editing and structure of the movie, despite the old Groundhog Day concept. Laura wonders how a fun movie got such a terrible marketing campaign. Plus, it has two titles: Edge of Tomorrow and the literal Live. Die. Repeat. to confuse you even more. Finally, the hosts ponder a difficult question: is it ever possible to have enough Emily Blunt?

Next Time

We have another surprise special episode! (Okay, it’s less of a surprise this time – but it’s still special, we promise.)

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