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Special Ep. 1 – Black Panther

Special Ep. 2 - Black Panther
Special Ep. 1 - Black Panther

A very special episode where our hosts take a break from the regular format. They discuss an actual recent release – Black Panther!

Despite Laura being very sick during the recording of this special, she and Justin manage to hit a wide range of topics – including the badass ladies of Wakanda, Disney’s money-making formulas, and Michael B. Jordan. Our hosts also weigh in on the Captain America vs. Iron Man debate (spoiler alert: Laura hates Iron Man) and compare the Marvel film and TV divisions. Somehow the conversation turns to the Star Wars prequels and why interesting villains are so important. Ultimately, Justin and Laura agree that everyone needs more Shurri in their lives.

Weigh in below with your own thoughts about Black Panther or the episode discussion. There’s just too much to cover in an hour! And look for more special episodes coming soon!

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